Community Service

Security First & Associates also supports those organizations who give back to our community through programs of positive impact for all, by giving of our time and our treasures. Please learn more about a few of the programs with which we are affiliated by visiting the links below.

Secure the Call

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If you have old cell phones that you are no longer using please donate them to Secure the Call. Secure the Call is a non-profit coalition that takes your donated phone and converts it into a 911 emergency only phone.

Secure the Call needs your old phones to make this program a success. They have hundreds of collection boxes throughout the Metropolitan area or you can send the phone to us via the Post Office or any delivery company.

For more information please visit Secure The Call at

Luggage Tags, Bags & Bears for Foster Care

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There are many types of people in the world, some are lucky others not so, some are rich, others not so, some have sufficient means to ensure their survival others not so. Life is a joy to some, but a vicious cycle to many. Many young children get adversely affected because of their parents decisions; and many programs are organized all through the year to ensure that those children are well taken care of.

The children in the Foster Care program suffer from many pains. They suffer from neglect of their parents, physical abuse, alcohol abuse etc. Because of this type of abuse, these children have to be moved from one place to another, and fail to carry such personal belongings as toys and memorabilia with them. These items matter a lot to young children, they can’t imagine living without their personal belongings. This is how important these personal belongings are to them, and most of their belongings are placed in a trash bag.

House of Ruth

Used PhoneThe House of Ruth is one of the nation’s leading domestic violence centers, helping thousands of battered women and their children find the safety and security that so many of us take for granted.

For more information please visit House of Ruth at


Security First & Associates has collected toiletries since 2010 and donated them to House of Ruth – Baltimore, MD.  For more information contact For more information please visit House of Ruth at

Security First & Associates also donates to the Grassroots crisis intervention shelter in Columbia, MD  For more information contact