As a small business owner, quality, speed, and price for services are always a struggle. Diane provides us with exceptional security support and sacrifices nothing related to the services a small business needs to grow. We are grateful for all she has done to help the business grow and I highly recommend the use of her services.

Justin W. Bennett, MBA,
President at GeodataIT, LLC

In our opinion, Security First & Associates provides must have services in the area of Industrial Security. We found them to be knowledgeable, hard working, personable, professional and enjoyed working with them very much. Without reservation I would recommend and fully intend on continuing our relationship with Security First into the future.

Charles Higgins,
President, Oneida Communications, Inc.

Diane is a seasoned Security Professional with a very thorough understanding of Industrial Security requirements. She established the security practices for Ex Nihilo and has been an integral part of our continued compliance. If you’re in need of a reliable source for security awareness training, background investigations, self-inspection, SCIF accreditation, security practices and procedures, oversight and compliance or any other ongoing security need, then I would highly recommend that you give the professionals at Security First & Associates a call.

Angela Dingle,
President & CEO Ex Nihilo Management, LLC

When you need recommendations and solutions for your security programs, consider the quality and professionalism offered through Security First & Assoc.

Jeff Bennett,
ISP, Owner/Senior Editor, Red Bike Publishing

Although outsourcing for all types of functions has become the norm, it is still a real concern to outsource something as mission-critical and sensitive as security operations…

Carole White,
Security Manager, ManTech MSM

Diane Griffin was recomended to me as “the person” to help with a couple of questions I had regarding the top level security clearance process. Diane was incredibly helpful. She was very responsive, knowledgeable, polite, professional and available. I would highly Diane Griffin to anyone looking for a consult in the filed of security and or the clearance process.

Jerry Pleasant

Everything You Need To Know About The Security Clearance Process But Are Afraid To Ask” is an excellent resource for individuals and companies that need to understand the often intimidating process of obtaining a security clearance. Back in the early 1990s I went through the Security Clearance process to get access to DoE and FAA facilities in order to work on Data Networks and truly wish that Diane Griffin’s comprehensive book was available to me at that time!

The book is easy to read, leaving out unnecessary jargon, and covers all of the questions that an applicant will have and many that I didn’t think of on my own. The inclusion of sample forms was very helpful but most importantly, the chapter containing the “odd” questions Diane has been asked will likely put a few minds to rest about what will and won’t be a considered an impediment to obtaining a clearance.

Highly Recommended!


Everything You Need To Know About The Security Clearance Process But Were Afraid to Ask is a home run.Diane brings a new dynamic to explaining the security clearance process. She walks the reader through how a defense contractor gets a security clearance and subsequently how their employees get clearance. It is the one source book for security clearance information. One thing that sets this book apart is that she has taken actual questions and provided answers. Get this book!

Jeff is the Author of ISP Certification-The Industrial Security Professional Exam Manual or How to Prepare for and Pass the Industrial Security Professional Certification Exam and National Industrial Security Program Operating Manual (NISPOM)

This book is a must-read for all those entering the government and facing their first security clearance screening. Ms. Griffin takes the mystery out of the process and in clear, layman’s language arms the reader with the facts. Her glossary of terms and sample forms are also very helpful to the novice.

Those already in the government who require clearance upgrades or periodic updates will also benefit! As the holder of multiple security clearances over the last 24 years, I can personally attest that you can never know too much about how to navigate this process.

I highly recommend this book and commend Ms. Griffin on what I believe is the first compendium on this subject. Buy it – it is worth its weight in gold!


Diane has captured the ease of going through the clearance process. This step by step instructional guide will take you through the process with the end result being at most the highest level government clearance in hand. There are excellent rewards with holding a government clearance and a greater selection chance for government employment. The cost of clearance preparation is very costly, in the hundreds of dollars, so I highly recommend this economical resource that prepares you to add that government clearance to your portfolio.