Security Clearance Salaries on the Rise

Security Clearance Salaries on the Rise

 According to a recent article from, those currently holding security clearances could see their salaries increase in 2017.  You ask Why?

 Several factors are having an impact on security clearance salaries including:

 OPM Breach—this caused some to leave the market creating a “backlog of background investigations.”  If you already have your security clearance, companies may be willing to pay a higher than usual salary to get you on board quickly.

 Department of Defense—the Department of Defense has reduced the number of clearances by 25 percent, giving organizations less supply for their security demands.

 Retirement—according to, nearly a quarter of defense industry professionals are eligible for retirement in 2018. The government is actively looking for new talent to fill those positions.

 Cyber Talent—a security clearance paired with tech talent (software developers, engineers, cloud architects, etc,) is in high-demand.  Cybersecurity job posting have gone up 74% over the past 5 years and “the demand far outstrips the supply”, says Deborah Hurley in an article for TechRepublic.

 New Administration—the new administration is looking to invest more heavily into the military, thus causing a stronger demand for those with a security clearance.

 All this is especially good news for veterans and military personnel who are looking to make a shift to the private sector.  “Security professionals in the public sector also have the benefit of security clearance, which makes them good candidates for positions within private companies that contract with the government,” writes





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