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New! Security First Background Screening

Security First & Associates has partnered with Hire Image.  Hire Image has a secure Web-based system enables you to easily request online background checks 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our advanced technology – combined with information obtained from over 15,000 courts across the U.S. – makes your screening process fast, simple and affordable. Search for past criminal history, fraudulent social security numbers, untruthful resumes, sex offender records, workers compensation claims, falsified applications, drug arrests, traffic violations, bankruptcy, liens and judgments, terrorist activity, and more. Our turnaround times are between 24 and 72 hours, making us one of the most reliable and comprehensive agencies in the industry.

If you are interested in background screening

Go: https://www.hireimage.com/security1st/

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IT support to DoD Defense Contractors

Security First & Associates has partnered with Mr. Paul Woodie to provide IT support to DoD Defense Contractors. We provide FISMA compliant support, Risk Assessment, Certification & Accreditation.  Paul taught AIS Security compliance and best practices at the DSS Academy/CDSE to DSS personnel (both IS Reps and ISSPs), and hundreds of DoD contractors for 12 years. His primary goal during that time was to help both DSS and private industry to achieve “Approval to Operate –“ATO” status in the shortest time possible. During that time he also served as a technical consultant to the DSS Office of Designated Approving Authority – ODAA. Prior to his tenure at the DSS Academy, he consulted and taught Information Assurance for almost 20 years while at NSA. In addition, he has taught various Information Assurance subjects in many other venues including US Naval Academy, NSA, Learning Tree, and local community colleges. Paul can also consult on Cyber security, issues.

Personnel Security

We have established procedures to ensure that all personnel who have access to any classified information have the required authorizations and eligibility. We can assess your programs and provide detailed recommendations and solutions to ensure your compliance with NISP and DCID standards, and increase your organization’s overall security posture.

Program Management

We can assist your organization in the process of managing your security programs, and improving performance. We can help you define your security needs and provide analysis to ascertain current state of security, identify vulnerabilities, and make recommendations to improve the overall security posture of all of your programs.

Compliance and Oversight

Organizations must comply with all applicable security policies and regulations. We can identify deficiencies and recommend corrective actions. We can assess programs and provide detailed recommendations and solutions to ensure compliance with NISP and DCID standards.

Background Checks & Background Screening

We provide applicant prescreening and background screening services for employment purposes and perform record searches at law enforcement agencies, courthouses, mental health, financial and educational institutions relative to the subject of investigation and a part of our prescreening and continuous evaluation program.

Audit Control

We offer outside and internal audit services. Outside audits provide a comprehensive snapshot of your organization’s security posture. As a security partner, we can provide internal security control through performance of periodic compliance assessment reviews and self-inspections to ensure compliance with government and company regulations/requirements between customer audits. Whatever your needs, we can conduct the appropriate surveys and render impact statements or recommendations when deviation to standards are appropriate and fully justified.

Policy & Procedural Development

The first step in the process of policy and procedure development is identifying decision points. We ensure that investigations are conducted and successfully concluded involving associate theft, violations, and compromise of material or of business conduct policy.

Asset Management

As your security partner, we can help you to ensure that the proper measures are taken to prevent or deter attackers from accessing your facility, resources, or information. We provide the necessary research, analysis and written documentation, as well as issue resolution strategies for responding to actions as needed.
Security First & Associates provides our clients with a complete range of security services to help protect their physical and intellectual assets as well as personnel, while meeting all applicable specifications and regulations as required by the by Executive Order 12829 and under authority of DoD Directive 5220.22 “ National Industrial Security Program (NISP).