The Cost-Saving Reasons for Conducting Background Checks

As more and more personal and professional information is available online (Hello, Facebook!), some companies are cutting corners by failing to do thorough background checks on all employees—even those part-time folks that have been hired for the summer.  While this may seem like a good way to save some corporate dollars, it could end up costing you your entire business.  Why?

At Security First & Associates, we believe one of the biggest security threats a company may face is not from outside sources—it’s from their own employees.  Insider security threats have become a real issue for businesses of all sizes and one of the best ways to keep your company safe—and profitable–is by investing the time, money and resources into providing adequate background checks.

Having a standard background screening policy in place for all of your positions will not only allow you to know more about the people you hire, but it will go a long way towards making your company more productive, more efficient and more profitable.  Here are some of the reasons background checks are actually your company’s best return on investment:

Discourages Non-Qualified Applicants

With today’s tough job market, more and more candidates are adding misinformation to their resumes and are embellishing experience and education during the interview process.  “While some of these actions are fairly obvious to the trained recruiter, not all will be easy to spot until the background check takes place,” says  If your company is known for its strict background check policies you will be weeding out those who are not qualified for the position from the beginning, allowing you to spend your time interviewing those candidates who are a better fit for your company.

Reduces Corporate Liabilities

“Companies should ensure that the information used to select or deny an individual candidate is based on established facts relevant to the position,” writes  Make sure your background check policies adhere to the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) and that candidates authorize the check to be performed. “Although pre-employment screening and background checks are important, periodic screening is also vital to mitigating unlawful behavior and maintaining a dependable workforce.”

Reduces Costs Associated with Bad Hires

If you think those bad hires are not costing you money, think again.  According to a recent CareerBuilder survey, 27% of U.S. employers said that just one bad hire costs their company more than $50,000.   “When you add up missed sales opportunities, strained client and employee relations, potential legal issues, and resources to hire and train candidates, the cost can be considerable,” says CareerBuilder CEO Matt Ferguson in an interview with Fast Company magazine.

Someone once said your business is only as good as the employees you hire.  Be sure you are hiring the best for your company by investing in background checks—ensuring that your company is safe from insider threats, bad hires and unnecessary litigations.  Security First & Associates has partnered with Hire Image.  Hire Image has a secure Web-based system enables you to easily request online background checks 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our advanced technology – combined with information obtained from over 15,000 courts across the U.S. – makes your screening process fast, simple and affordable. Search for past criminal history, fraudulent social security numbers, untruthful resumes, sex offender records, workers compensation claims, falsified applications, drug arrests, traffic violations, bankruptcy, liens and judgments, terrorist activity, and more. Our turnaround times are between 24 and 72 hours, making us one of the most reliable and comprehensive agencies in the industry.

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